Ready for the New Owner


Finally, we have completed the Hawkins House with a few small exceptions.  The new owner moved in the end of October and we started monitoring energy use Dec 1 with the generous support from my friends at Deep Blue NRG in Toronto.

The final blower door test resulted in a 0.455 ACH at 50 Pascals.  We were very pleased with this result which well below the passive house standard of 0.6 ACH.

In this photo Jordan, from Thermalwise, is running the final blower door numbers while my mom looks on.


The solar system is installed and working away.










Here are a few other interior photos:  Second Bedroom









Ensuite Bath.











The one thing left to complete the passive house work is to install the pump and controls the ground source preheat loop for the ERV ventilation system.  Then we will start the Passive House certification process.

On the LEED certification, we are only waiting to conduct a radon gas test to complete the requirements for LEED for New Homes.


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Steve Lionais
December 21st, 2011 on 9:22 am

Natalie, congrats on finishing this project! Are you doing any monitoring work with the new owner to see how the house performs over time? I’d be curious to see how it performs in the long-run.

Are you working on any other Passivhaus projects at the moment?

    January 2nd, 2012 on 5:48 pm

    Hello Steve: Yes, my friends at Deep Blue NRG have installed monitoring equipment in the house so we can track the usage from the ventilation system, well pump, DHW, electric baseboards and ETS and the total energy used. It will be in place for 1 year. I am looking forward to having the data and analyzing what we can improve on going forward.

    I have a number of other Passivhaus projects under construction in Nova Scotia. There is a house in Fall River, a cottage in Lunenburg and one in Cape Breton, a house in WIndsor and a small commercial building in Kentville. A couple new projects in design for next building season as well. It is crazy busy and learning new things everyday.

    Thanks for your message!